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On the hunt for relief from those daily aches and pains? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Having spent years researching, we at REVIV3 Inc. are proud to say we have finally developed a product that relieves aches and pains associated with aging, chronic pain, inflammation, back pain, muscle aches, nerve pain, and joint pain, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before!

In fact, our product is so revolutionary in the world of pain relief, that it actually poses no negative side effects or risk of addiction to the user. Because of this, you can eliminate pain without eliciting an emotional response in the brain that leads to symptoms of addiction, withdrawal, and tolerance alike.

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If our product sounds completely unlike anything you’ve ever tried before for pain relief, that’s because it is! You see, through the use of scientific sonication, our product infuses natural herbs & essential oils in the form of a soothing rub that can be applied and massaged over pain points for fast acting relief. It’s all of the reduction in pain with zero side effects.

Take a look at what customers are saying

  • - Donna Burke

    “I spent years hunched over a keyboard typing away as a secretary. To say I suffer from arthritis is putting it lightly. Never before have I found something that not only soothes the stiffness and pain I feel in my fingers and wrists, but also doesn’t make me feel out of it or increase my tolerance. This cream has made my hands feel like they’re twenty years younger! I wish I would
    have found it sooner.”

  • - Anthony McGuire

    “About a year ago I hurt my back working on a job site. While I’ve rehabbed it extensively and have for the most part gotten back to normal, I still have flareups every once in a while. Having this cream on hand has not only helped me manage those flareups, but has also saved me from resorting to costly prescriptions.”

Here’s What You Can Expect From REVIV3 Pain Relief Cream:

  • Noticeably less pain, aches, stress, anxiety, and concern
  • A swift acting solution for everyday pain without the risk of addiction
  • Less time spent bouncing between doctors, specialists, and pharmacists
  • More money in your bank account due to a reduction in costly prescriptions
  • No risk of nausea, drowsiness, clouded breathing, or other common side effects

We’re proud to state that our REVIV3 Pain Relief Rub is produced 100% right here in the United States, using state-of-the-art technology. Utilizing only the highest quality herbs and essential oils, our product provides a premium pain relief solution without the negative side effects or risk of addiction.

So, What Exactly is in REVIV3 Pain Relief Rub?

While our cream harnesses the power of many natural herbs and essential oils, here’s a look at the ingredients we consider to be the key players in pain relief:

Aloe Vera
Shea Butter
Tea Tree

Suffering from any of the following aches and pains? If so, then our REVIV3 Pain Relief Rub is for YOU!

Here's how it all started…

Born and raised in California, we’re a group of brothers who came together to tackle our shared mission of providing those in pain with a natural alternative to opiates to help them create a pain-free lifestyle.

After years of extensive research, we’ve discovered firsthand how to combine the calming properties of natural herbs and essential oils to create a powerful form of pain relief that steers those who suffer from pain away from the use of opiates.

Infused with powerfully soothing herbs and essential oils, our proprietary REVIV3 Pain Relief Rub works overtime to tackle even the most uncomfortable chronic pain. We can’t wait for you and your loved ones to experience how well our product truly works!


Without a prescription or visit to the doctor!

  • Banish Your Pain
  • Realign Your Body
  • Achieve a Higher Quality of Life
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